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Steer clear of the rice......so much for a peacful time!

Mcleod ganj

Yesterday i took the remainder of my lunch home with me.....sadly i have been here for a week and avoided the rice as it is usually reheated and if ever something is going to upset the tum this would have been it! however not willing to heed my own advice i settled in to dinner and reading last night. I made my usual trip outside before bed only to discover the toilet was now inhabited by one of those BIG spiders i had read about, unable to pee with him crawling the wall above me i had to make use of the shower next door before i washed my face and teeth etc. However at some point during the night my stomach woke me and it was necessary to make a dash to the loo, grabbing the torch and some loo roll on my way out, i was just locking my door when the landlord spoke to me, scaring the living crap out of me (quite literally!!) i hurried on hoping the new loo occupant had taken residence elsewhere, he had, panic over!Feel fine this morning so no real damage done but lets just say that i the first and last portion of rice i will having on this trip!
My room is not the peaceful area i was hoping for as before i was truly asleep i am certain that someone was having a bangra party and there was a baby screaming for most of the night! I thought i had had enough of sleep when i woke to the sound of a waterfall outside my window and realized Sunsita was washing her clothes and tipping the water over the edge! After a quick wash it was breakfast time, now this was interesting i had bought the muesli but i am as yet to lay my hands on a bowl, or a spoon or anything useful actually. So i ended up pouring muesli into my mouth, a handful at a time interspersed with gulps of water (yeh couldn't find any milk last night, didnt want to help myself from the goat outside although tempting so i only had water) until i grew tired of the whole operation and finished it off with a fig roll. That done i washed a few clothes spent about 30 mins arranging my washing line in several locations before settling on using the girl next doors tree and window (yes i asked first!)
I went upstairs to say good morning to Carol who was instantly ready for my yoga lesson. I however was blissfully unprepared for what happened next. We found ourselves a nice warm ledge to work on, now i am no yoga gura, or claim to know anything however i am pretty certain that you are not supposed to be in that much pain that you have to constantly wrinkle your face up and make a lot of moaning. Carol however approached yoga with all the vigor of a bull in china shop and so we went at an assortment of things you could loosely call moves, until i was practically creaming in pain, by now my face had taken the same contorted expression as hers and two Indian women on the balcony opposite had unbeknown to Carol had taken up residence with great smirks on their faces. I continues to the best of ability which was not good and Carol assured me that the fact i was in pain was a good thing and asked me where it hurt most. I though this may be a good way to slow down this whole process so i said my lower back where upon she said and so we must do twice and much and launched into another tormentuous routine.
Yoga finally over for the day......i gathered my stuff and literally legged it before anything else could happen. I was heading to the Tibetan Library, and then back to the Tushita place to find out some more. My walk back to the village i was accompanied by another gentleman who walked with me a while 'practicing his English'. He works in the kitchen of the local restaurant and made me promise to come in for my lunch. i am aiming for one hot meal aday and so i agreed. My walk through the town was nice and although i did not fin d the library i bought a new book and some other items. On the way back up it rained, its quite funny sometimes it is just drizzle for a while then out of nowhere there is a massive deluge and you have very little time to retrieve the mac on the bottom of the bag before becoming drowned. I decide a good time to stop and went to find my new friend. He bought me a coffee and showed me some good thing to order which i did (only bread no rice!) and it was lovely. I looked at my book and decide on some places to visit while here. I am still keen to do some volunteering and have found out i can do some conversation work with the Tibetans, they talk to me over coffee or something. I will investigate more tomorrow. After lunch i pay and my bill is 74 rs, roughly 1pound!!! I have had 2 bread thing s and the equivalent of a curry dish (man am i going to struggle when i get home!)
I take the long walk up to Tunsita again and this time it is open. I chat to the man running the desk (he is from alicante!!!) and there is a course i am interested in doing. 10 days starting on the 17th where i can go and live up there and learn about Buddhism and meditation. it will cost no more than staying in a hotel and covers my food and everything. Sadly that is only 7 days away so i have to cram in all the sightseeing before i go!!!! they have a library up there also so i go for a while, also they have video nights and there is daily meditation class. (if i get up in time!)
On the way home i stop to but water form a little cafe, as i got to pay there is a cookie jar on the counter and the chocolate ones look yummy - be rude not to so i buy one. The English man in the shop says its vegan and we have a chat about vegan cooking. ON my way out on the other side of the road there is man with a shawl shop and a girl is looking,. I stop to find out the price and am surprised its less than 200Rs, they are beautiful i decide to buy and the girl asks if she can hold anything as i am now struggling with the contents of my bag. I hand her cookie which she says looks fab and i tell her the story of where i got it from. I offer her some and she agrees it is Delicious. We chat some mroe - she is from California and is called Dominique. I say i have always wanted to go so she gives me her email and says i am welcome anytime. She is also as couch surfer i later find out. Dominique is now going back to the tea shop to buy a muffin and offers me some, so we both go and have drinks and snacks. She is an anthropology student but taking 6months to go traveling. We chat about our various adventures so far - she is planning a trip to rishikesh soon and i am glad to be of help! We part as she is off to do more shopping i am home to read for a bit but she tells me abotu some cheap hotles where she is its only up the road so i agree to look later. They have yoga which maybe i will attend....
Later on i walk uip to bagra but is really busy compared to where i am and i am not sure., I have a good walk around and enter some shops. The waterfall is up there so that will be another trip one day, but its not like where i am and despite the fact i cant fond the hotel or the ashram i dont know if i can be bothered to move again for a slightly cheaper room. I head back down and once more the heavens open, people are running for cover in all direction, in one swift maneuver i take the rain jacket from my bag and in seconds i am dry so i continue my walk. I stop to buy a plug so that i can plug my phone in, so far i ahve had to charge it twice, one before i left delih and once again beofre i left Ras and rishikesh. The plug in only 30Rs - i am sure at heathrow they were about 8quid!! never mind.
Anyway i am back in my favorite internet cafe, the people who work here are really nice and lots of backpackers hang out. Its great to see people but i am also just left to my own devices which is nice. Having blogged tonight i will stay for a coffee and read my book for a while, The tea shop is few doors away and they have live music, last night i was too tired but tonight i might investigate. Then home, hopefully will be better tonight if not i may have to move tomorrow. By the way i was reading my book on the bed earlier and then there was a kitten on the bed also....where are all these damm animals coming from??????


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my goodness laura you certainly seem to be cramming it all in. animals what can i say.... just make sure you dont bring any back to uk and i repeat rabies is out of control out there, so be careful.... life here just the same as usual, rainrain and more rain.... not been doing much.. cant even get out side too wet...... take carell love mother xxxx

by motherxxxx

its alright kate i already have the rabies!!!! nearly there baby!!! only one more day to catch up xxxx

by OLiTRe

Hi Laura
You should write a book when you get home! I have so enjoyed reading about what you have got up to. The Yoga for instance - sounds a bit dodgy to me! and the spider isn't the Huntsman is it?

We are off to St Ives in the morning so I won't be able to read your blog till another week. I won't take the lap top because I get too obsessive on it and I need a break.

Sarah and the children have been in St Ives for 3 weeks! she comes home the day we arrive - good timing eh?!

We have have bad rain too - not like your monsoon rains. But there were cars floating down the road in Bramhall which is in Stockport!!!

I will catch up with your very funny tales on my return.

Keep on enjoying yourself - especially teaching little children English - how lovely.

Anyway better go and pack and then watch another Catherine Cookson DVD before bedtime.

Lots of love

by auntycas

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