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A strange man and boris comes in!

McLeod Ganj

After blogging last night i retired the the coffee shop and ordered a hot chocolate. As i sat reading my book people came and went. not unusual however my mind was drawn to a situation occuring on the next table. A very old man whas trying to sit helped by another bloke. The man helping was bending down tp listen to the old man who was speaking softly. There was someone else at the table who had moved around to let the old guy sit, and the situation was getting worse as the helpful chap struggled to make out what the old man wanted. He took form the old mans pocket a mobile and began calling a taxi. It was clear the old man had parkinsons and did not look entirely there. The other person who had moved aruond the table was runinng out of room so i asked if her would like to share my table. He sat as we got talking it turns out he is from Exeter! Small world eh? James as he introduces himself is here to study Yoga as he and his girlfrined Alice are yoga teachers at home. We chat on and it turns out James mum used to teach at south devon college!!! HIs girlfriend Alice is from london and she is moving to Totnes in september - how weird! The situation with the old guy is gettign worse and James tells me he met him in Goa in January and he and Alice ended up taking him to his hotel as he was just stood in the middle of the road. He was just as bad then. As we sit and talke about totnes and england generally a huge storm breaks out over head. There is massive flashes of lightning and the thunder is so loud I have not seeen a storm like this in years and as we are in a massive valley the lightning is very dramatic. I decide i will stay in the coffee shop for a while so james gets a dessert and ask if i will share. It is a chocolate cheesecake so the answer is definately yes!!!!! Turns out the old man is from new york and has spent his life travelling. The other guy hepling him is Andy but he needs to get home as his girlfrined is sick and throwing up! Andy talks to us and asks James if he will put him in the taxi that will be here in 30mins. James needs to call Alice so i agree towatch him for a while. By the time James returns it has gone 30mins and the old man is now on his feet and prgressing out of the cafe. he has additionally had help from some other people on the way.

The old man continues to need help and James is waiting for the taxi althgouh by the time 10pm the shop is closing and it is clear that this transport is not coming. I have by now spent a ferw minutes winding up my torch for the long walk home. As we stand outside James feels he must take the man back to his guest house and we may catch up again tomorrow as i said i normally in here 'blogging'.
So i walk home and the rain is so heavy that it is impossible not to get wet even with he big rain coat on however the temperature is warm so it not really an issue to be that wet. As i walk along the path is spordically illuminated by the flashes and the thuder claps send more and more heavy rain at me. I arrive home and sit in with the window open and read my book watch ing the storm pass overhead listnengin to the thunder and th rain and its quite refreshing. After w hile the storm hjas almost passed and i feel tired anough to sleep. I relaise that while the window has been open a small gathering of mozzies is now in my room asn i attmept to get rid of them i tur and on the wall above my bed is the bloody great spider that was in the loo the other day. Well thats it ther is no way i will be sleeping now! I look outside for help but there is no one there., i wander a little to find someone to help but all llights are off so i pop upstairs hopeful that my new friend Sunsita is some kind of spider removal godess as she has been here so many time before. She however tells me to get a t shirt and just get on with it! Right so i am back in my room and i look up - still there. Shit, i grab my t shirt open the door and stand on the bed., I realise i must do this quickly before he runs off and we have stale mate. So i pounce absolutely bricking it and in one manouvre i have the t shitrt outside and he is no longer in it. I put the torch on to check and i cant see him so now i am worried that he is back in. Bugger it nothing i can do now! However when i return to my room there are more mozzies the before i started so i have to start the whole procedure once more! That done i settle into bed make out the light and just as i am about to sleep somethjin whizzes past my head. so i am up light on and now there is a huge bloody fly in here! After 10 mins of chasing i get him out and return to trying to sleep the distant thunder resonating in the dark.
This mornig i awokje to the sound of the baby crying and after i use the bathroom i pop up to the bloke and ask him if there is another room arounf the back as i am getting no sleep as its very niosy, he appears not to understand that as this is 'peaceful area' i dont have the hear to say its his baby so i head back. As i am up soooooo early i decide to try the morning meditation session. I stop on the way for a cup of ginger lemon and honey tea and some tibetan porridge with banana. The porridge is yummy and not liek we have at home i must find out so that i can buy some. i dont have tiem to finish so i head out up the long hill. Arriveing sweaty andhot i chat to girl who had been coming for days she is leaving tonight thgouh. We go in and who appears - the old man from yesterday! As we are all setaed and outr teacher is now here there are yet more people that are hepling him into the room this takes the bext part of 20mins and there are now 3 oethers helping. He is eventually in and seated. The meditation is nice and gentle and the guy leading it chats to us about a lot of things and is really funny. They had a lecture last night from the leading monk who was supposed to start ay 730 however he turinged up at 9 and apparently chatted on for 4 hours befoer getting to the text he was supposed to be reading where upon he read the title and the translation and then said i think we have done enough for the night!!!!! This it would appear is normal! ANyway we have some teaching and then 2 mediations of 15 mins with a break, i managed the first one by the second one my mind weandered so much i could not tame it! He said that we could attned the teaching later this evening (i may give that a miss my concentration is not good right now!!!) and they are showning the book of the dead (video - yes they still exist!) at 2pm.
I leave with my new friend and she takes me to an isreali cafe just up the road, i have some toast and we chat a while before i head back down. I have been to the tibetan welfare office and i can register after the 23rd to get a plcae to go and see HH the Dali Lama, which is really good!!! I need to get a small transistor radio to be able to hear the transaltion though. I decide to watch the tibetan book of the dead at 2 so i have time for a quick coffee beofre i head back up the hill agian. When i get into the room there is a handful of people and they are discussing the old man. He is well known and they are trying to get some home help estbalised for him although in this country is is hard. We watch the film ( we have part 2 on friday) and some of the people are nice and we chat a while afterwards. Whilst the film is on the rain pours down and i have been without coat all day so far. As the film is over the rain clears for a while and i head out taking my chance. I have changed up more money to pay for my retreat and after tha i have to find the post office, although i am risking it as the rain is s\tarting again. POst office is not easy to find in the tiny town but i struggle on and the rain begins to get tough. Havin posted my letter the heavens open i thought i had pushed my luck so on the way back i dive into the same cafe i had the cookie from the other day and decide to have some food. I order with the help of the guy as its a tibetan cuisine. It is some bread thing with sauce - sounds good. However when it arrives its actually some kind of soup,. with vegetables, and some boiled bread with it! Great.....my favourite! I manage half of it before i am beaten, but at least i know not to order that again! The guys in the shop are really nice and they chat to me a while. They have live music on sunday so i promise i will come back - although they are hoping i will be in for more cookies beofer then - they are probably right!!
I head home getting less wet that i thought and brave a shower which is surprisingly so hot i need plently of the cold tap, i am grateful for the fact i am not joined by anything animal insect or others during my dip. Afer which i wil head back to the same cafe to begin my blogging and it is like the whole day begins again!
I am really looking forward the course next week and i know it is hard to imaginve but other than asking questions of the teachers you are expected to be silent for the whole duration - can you imagine it, me, silent for 10days????? !10 minutes is more like it. HOwever i need to learn to chill out and just relax so i know it will be for the best possible outcome. and mum always said that you have to work hard to achieve your goals - whatever they are so with that in mind i am looking forward to the challenge. Tomorrow i will get up and go back to meditation class MArk thje tutor is os funny with his explanations and he even said the word 'shit', in fact several times while remindin us that our minds and lives are full of it and we need to work to remove it! Guess it will all become more clear next week and i am excited for my challenge.

Still loving it, in particular the rain and the mist and occasionally the sun nearly shines through and we are blessed with and awsome bright light,


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wooooo hoooo i'm done!!!!! sounds like ur having a truly magical time my sweet. missing you muchos xxxx

by OLiTRe

Well Laura its like reading a book. i dont know how you have time for everything. i am worn out reading your exploits and activities. not happy that you are walking home alone in the dark!!!!! how safe is that ... not... i have had hydro therapy today other than that life is the same as. take god care of yourself and be safe... lv mother xxxx

by motherxxxx

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