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Boris returns - thought meditation was supposed to be good f

Mc Leod Ganj

So yesterday was a bit epic. I returned home form the cafe the night before and Boris had retured to his spot behinf the light only he ws not far enough out to be grabbed so i went to tecth the landlord for back up, amongst laughing at me he tells me he will not bite and his children play with them all the time. Apparently he is only in as it is cold outside. That is all wll and good but can he go somehwere else einstead. the landlord get the broom and snaps a bit off to tickle him out beofre swiping him out of the door wiht the big bit, and so i sleep!
Up early and off to meditation class, Mark is very funny and makes it easy to understnad, we only do two 16 min sits and we are able to move inbetween so that we can stretch. The lesson goes on for a while but we are all happy to sit as he has some good things to say. After the lesosn i go home and prepare to go to dharmasla as i wnat to but some cloth it is cheaper there. CArol comes with me as she needs some more paint. The jeep we get down there is as usual packed and the way he throws is down the maountain is unreal, i find either looking up or closing your eyes isa good way to cope, and i guess he has been doing this a long time.........
We arrive in D sala and its tipping ti down (surprisingly!!!) we head to a little cafe that carol has been to before and we have momo and samosa with chana, and actually its the best samosa i ahve had since i arrived! Which is about rigth as the cafe is one of the little ones that you see and thikng to yourslef i would not even feed my dog in there but they do good food (if your stomach can take it!!) We go up the street and carol finds the glue but has lost her glasses!!! We go back and they are not in the cafe so they must be in the jeep. A she needs them to apint a new pair have to be procured. This takes as while as the optician wnats nearly 200 Rs but evetually Carols gets them 85!
I have managed to finds a blanket thing that i want, (although i later find one with an elephant on for chepare - such is life) and then we go to a cloth shop so i get the rest of what iwant (to cover the walls and cieling in the attic room!!) NOw i thought the man said 30Rs a meter, but after i have purchsed what i think is roughly 500Rs it turns out to be 970. After a heated debate (whyis it always so bloody difficult) i get it for 900. ALhtough more than i wnatd to spend it is stuill chepaer than home, i am now wondering how i am going to get all this stuff back. My backpack weoghed 10Kg before i flew (thansk to donna wi! god knows what is in it now!
We get the jeep home (eyes closed) and go to the tibetan medicine store to get something to ehlp tme sleep. I topld the man that i need something to help me sleep as i dont ofter sleep through the night but i wake a few times time . He asks me how long so i say probably for at least the last 15 years, however he sasy no, how long you stay here, oh, ok, 3 weeks then!! He gives me one week of herbal tablets and i go bakc next week.
After we get homei am so tired i decide to stay in.
LAst night i was very western - i had a shower and tucked myself up inbed with a packet of fig rolls and wathc the entire gavin and stacey series that is on my phone!!! That said i ran out of battery at 930 and sleep unitl 8this morning!
When i awoke the rain was so heavy i was concerned about being washed away, buti got dressed and with the aid of a very large coat headed up the hill to meditation class. The water is rushing around so mush you are perpetually wet. I knew trainers were pointless o i have on my flip flops althought the water is not cold so its okay. Meditaiton calss i thought would be quiet as the weather is bad but is was just as packes. I watched people get ready, me i come in and sit down with whatever iahve on my mat however others spend a great deal of time fluffing cusions or swapping cusions around so that whoever is in last gets what ever has been discarede d by everyone else!!! That said we settle donw and Rcichard gets us instantly into the position and we begin. HE is a mindfulness meditation teacher and so we focus on how other have helpped us become who we are today, from ther parents that concived us to the pople who grow vegetable so that we can have food. Its a good lesson although i struggle to maintian the position for so long, as so others and soon there are poepl popping up everywhere as westruggle to gt comfortable. The mediation goes on for almost an hour by which time i think my body will just collapse and die, however at the end of the session we are tole to consider other who may need our compassion for they be getting old, or become ill, or just having a hard time. Richard talk to us about compassion and how if we find compassion for others we can eventually be more mindful. Good stuff - will practice my mindfullness soon ( and i this country you aretested hourly!!)
I am back in the same cafe for breackfast and meeting James as we are supposed to visist the temple today. however James has a leaky gas cyminder he needs the lanbdlord to fix, and, he has as yet to actually go to the yoga class he has travelled all this way to attend!!! That works out quit well as i am going back to tushita at 3 as the highest Lama, Zopa Rinpoche is there this afternoon to bless the statues that have just arrived from Nepal. They are the 21 taras. Tara is a godess born froma tear and she reminds us that we need to stnad up for what we belive in and fight to rectify a cause. tara is the one pictured usually green in a half lotus position with one leg out straight. Mark said its because she is always ready to 'kick ass'!!! Anyway my reason for going is not only ot see the statues but also asi have a pendant which is rose quartz with the 7 chakra on the way down each an indidvdual crystal. It is a powerful pendanct but i need to be blessed and i am hpoing that lama zopa will be able to do that for me this afternoon, then i start to wear it!
I have also had to go and get my passport piccies dome so that i can register to go to the HH dali lams teaching at the end o f the month. Needless to say the outsome was not good, of the 2 he took in one i look half drunk (despite the fact i have not had any alcohols for over a wekk now - it must be accumulative!!) and in the other i look seriously shocked! I ask him to cjose and he selects the half drunk one - excellent. I hope HH does not get to see the pics as i may be refused entry! james has a flat near the temple where HH lives and said the he saw him this monring being driven out! how cool is that.
Anyway i am off now - i may try and get a massage this afternoon from all this typing my bakc and nexk are killing me!

mum can you please reply to my message ..... i need my exact time of birth also the year of birth for you and dad......and yes i have posted a card!


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what message, this is the first i know of your request. your time of birth was 9.50 pm on a saturday barnstaple hospital. my year of birth was 1949 daddy is 7 yrs older than me so you will have to work it out as ihave no idea of his birth year or place. i was born in manchester. are you keeping up to date with what is happening in the rest of the world.. there are floods and mud slicks, etc in pakistan and china.... maybe you should tune into the world. love mother.x x x

by motherxxxx

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