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Yet another festival!!!!

well hello there blogettes, can i firstly apologise for my shocking typing only i can pretty much get the blog done in one hour if i crack on with it, if i stay another 10mins to edti it they charge me for another whole hour which day on day become expensive!!!! Also most of the key board over here are stuck together with glue so the keysa re areally crap.

Anyway this is the last blog for a while...for those interested i am at the tusita centre from tomorrow (17th) to next thursday (26th) and i am not allowed to talk for the whole 10days also as it is a retreat (yes donna you are correct) i am not allowed top leave the centre either - so no blogging! I have purhcased a paper book that i can blog in and will let you have the contents when i can next sort it out after the 26th - although dont bank on it actually being the 26th (mum) as i may be too shattered to write then! Needless to say you dont have to worry as i am at the one place and there is a strict order so i will not be out and about on my own and so on........... At least i am finally getting to do what i came here for some peace a nd quiet ON MY OWN!!!! ( i ahve met so many people lately its not even funny, and as the German guy i met earlier said i have to be less nice to people and then i willnot be talking to so many at once...but i will come on to that later on!)

So...yesterday was sunday, spent most of saturday chilling out on the bed reading etc, early night (no boris has not returned however i am off for 10 days and i hope ot get my old room bacl when i return and he may have moved in agian by then!) and then i was up at about 830. So i head up to green cafe for my favorite porridge only this time with banana and honey (oooh the extranvagence!) and i manage to run into JAmes again. We decide to head off to the museum we have been tryin to get to all week but it has yet to happen. Anyway the littel town was busy on fri and sat and i guess we just didnt relly tune into the releveance but it was India indipendance day yesterday so again there are peeps everywhere - and some of them have claerly come straight from the other damm festival as they still ahve on the orange stuff!!!! And to add to it they are still as obnoxious as ever, in fact i am sure i ahve seen some of them before...anyway cue the walking up the road trick pretending to be looking at something on the phone when really they are trying to photograph me! AS****ES!!
so we meander down the road it seems that everyone is about on mopeds and bkies and its really busy again and not very nice atmosphere. We finally get to the temple and the museum, only its Sunday, its also a public holiday so gues what........yeah its closed! I suggest the waterfall as i have yet to get there ( in fact i have yet to get to a lot of places actually i seem to fill my days really well....) and we head back up the road, looking in a few shops en route. As we walk along the attention is getting really bad again and i keep moving around JAmes to try and obscure the view of the cameras, anyway these guys stop him and ask if they can have pictuer. James says yea ok but there is acharge 50Rs, (James told me days ago that he did this before and it worked as they are not willing to pay out) only this time we must have hit some rich indians...as these guys happily agree to the price!!!! At this point i had been a bit oblivious to the conversation but quickly tuned in to hear James suggest actually its 50Rs each (and there were about 20 of them!). However no too keen to be pimped out in this way i head off, suggesting that in future if i am to be pimped out i am sure i am worth far more money and really in some countries i must be at least 50 camels NOT 50 Rs!!!!!!!!!!
So we go back up to the village, there is a guy i need to see to put my info in for the astrological chart and he also does tibetan massage which james wants so we stop in. The guy isnt home and there is a number to call. Why is life so complex here....?????? We head back to Green cafe only by now there is absolute chaos on the roads and the littel road that goes togreen (and also to the waterfall and my house) is now actually jammed.....total gridlock. Its quite funny as the road is not big and everday there are cars and vans and bikes sqeezing past each other and there are only afew places to pass which results in much backing and forwarding, only this time there is so many cars etc and they come so fast that no one can go either forward or backwards and the whole road is blocked. Add to that the people that cannot move as there are no pavements here and youjust skirt aroud the cars when they come otherwise you have the road to yourself. So everybody is now completely stuck! There are guiys on bikes who are trying to turn around, they ahve got off and have moved the bikes but then realise that in fact there is still no where to go! So we climb over people and cars and bikes and evetually make it green. Where upon we diveonto a sofa and call it a day there is no way we will make it to the waterfall today as the great pilgrimage continues....do these people seriously have nothing else to do for the whole of august?????????? Its funny as the cafe is quiet asn you think that they ahve all gone bue when i nip out to the loo.....there are al still there, perhaps some differnet cars and bikes but everyone is still stuck coming and going to the waterfall place! By this timehowever someone has instructed a policeman and he is stood in the middle of the road blowing a very ineffectual whistle at everyone who is trying to avoid either each other, or him, but either way its still chaos! I manage to get onto the internet on my phone so we lok at the website of this guy and he looks okay so we will try and get hold of him.......although that means leaving the safetyof the coffee house....
Deciding to brave it so that we can get hold of this guy, We find a shop back in the main village that makes the local call and i ask the guy for some info he said he will meet us in 1 hour and sort things out, the call costs us all of 2 RS! With an hour to spare we have lunch at a new plae a nother tibetan restuarant (although ihave reservations as all the tibetan food so far seems to be some version of soup of a some kind of soup based product, or just veg swimming in some soup......either way its not doing it for me!). This one looks nice, they ahve a big menu which itself brings the next 'what to order challenge'. I settle for chef special paneer, James ahs chop suey (yes vegetables in some kind of soup) and we have momos. Whne i t arrives - well what can i say, you knwo sometimes when you order something and its just great, well this was it. IT was paneer but they was is was cooked was almost like halloumi when it been on the BBQ, and was in some kind of satay sauce, but lots of ginger, i am getting hungry just thinking about it! James i think was a little jelous....... we pretty much wolf it down so as not ot miss the bloke and head back up the chaotic road to meet him.
He seems nice and talk to me about the charts i want doing. James gets the info about the massage he wants and agrees to come back at four for the privelidge, we part company after.
I head home to chill out for a bit, and listen to some music while i pack my things my backpack is now so heavy i dont know if i can lift it myself!!!!The people that live in the comound are really nice and we are all on our own little adventures. Occasionally i catch up with one of them and see where we are with it all, nice chats! I arrive home and the sun is out so i grab my washing line and my book and my sunnies (fatal mistake ) and head out side to see some sunlight. As predicted by the time i get out there ( i am talking less than 1 min) its already gone misty, i think in reality any sign of a tan that i did have before i came here is fading fast and i am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that by the time i get back it will be spetember, so that is more rain, only even colder......nice! Anyway i sit for a while hoping to get what little breeze there is ont my washing and read my book. Although before long i am plauged by ants and i hit a retreat! Yesterday the shower was locked (water shortage apparently????????) so that was that mission out of the question. At about 5ish i head back up to the village in hope that the tourists (yeh i know pot / kettle etc) have dissapaited a little. I pop into green but the old man is in there...i think i may mentioned this old man earlier. He is avery old and instable man. who looks about 100 but i have it several authorities that he is only 58. anyway he is staying here not sure how long for and he is the guy with whom James became embroiled in helping the night we met. Anyway i see him everywhere, he is clearly not able to help himself and whenever i do see hime he usually has at least one of not 2 or 3 peaple around him helping him achieve whatever goal he needs to for that moment. Sometimes it is calling the taxi, sometimes it is just sitting down standing up etc, ordering food, getting around (he cannot walk particularly well), but he clearly cannot function on his own. Now i am all for helping people, however in this case i think he really needs to go home and get himself sorted out asn everyday he is relyian on the good nature of fellow travellers ot look after him, and realistaclly unless you have signed up for some kind of home help scheme it is very unfair on people kindness and good nature. I see people help him as they ultimately feel sorry for him, but eventually most move on after they have done thier bit (and he is it would appear quite a handful) and some other poor mug gets roped in. Even the people at tusita have tried to help him. but to no avail. He told another friend of mine that he needs to get back to America to be heald by some Lama over there. Whatever. I guess bieng American he may struggle to get help over there is he has not signed up to some health scheme. Anyway i just feel that he is toally taking advantage of the kindness of others and really that is quite selfish. Anyway nuff said, so i leave and go to Nicks italian kitchen. This is where i had my lasagne the other night and never got my brownies with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream, and i have been hankering ever since!
I rock up and order and to my surprise James turns up, but actually this is quite useful as he know a hotel i may be able to book for when i leave tushita. SO for dinner last night i had brownies, and then some garlic bread!!! Yummy and yes i may have to diet when i return - depending on what tushita give me! We check out the hotel but they will not let me book in advance....never mind! I head home to bed...more reading.
This morning i had much to do, i wnated to pop into D sala as i need to take bakc my train ticked to get refund as i am staying here longer and i wont gt back to Haridwar to catch it and i can get a bus from here stright to Delhi. ANyway you seriously forget in india that you cannot 'pop' anywhere! Taking an voercrowded jeep down the mountain, during which i think the young guy driving actually thought he was the stig or something, we get there in record time. As i am staring out theback trying desperately not to look down i see the hotel i need and i know the train bit is behind it. I head up and cant see what is going on so i ask the man in the office. Having explained my predicament thoroughly, he smiles sweetly and turns to me (here i am remided of one of Donnas's stories involving some stamps, a sobraine and i think a bank clerk), anyway he says he would love to help and he does understnadf the problem however i am in the marketing office and i need to go back outside to the little window!!!! Right then. Off i go and after a while i procure one of the little ticket things that i write all my detials on, whereupon i attempt to join what looks like a queue (if such a thing exists over here) onlyit not moving at all. After a while aguy asks me is i am english, turns out he is from VAncouver, and he tells me that he has laready been there hours and that the computer is broken so we can do nothing yet. Anyway its now another monsoon so we are content to wait, and just as the sky starts to clear the computer is fixed!!! So....all these guys who were just milling about get serious about this queue and i am nearly pushed over, except the guy in front is very helpful at keeping some at bay ans the guy from vancouver is covering the other side...its elbows out time! There is a big argument up ahead as people are not getting what they need and they are shouting at the poor man in the kiosk who is understandably getting quite pi**** off. As a few move along having been sorted i wonder where the guy that is now in front of me has appeared from. And on Trevor side ther is a few small kids trying to push in ( i thing the family send the small ones on purpose!) however we remain firm, and i get to the kiosk only to be told...surprise surpirse that i ahve not filled the card in properly so i stnad to one side and am nearly trampled in the rush for the spcae i was just occupying! I fill in my bit and elbow my way back in, the indians guys are not happy about this resiliance and keep shoving thier bits of paper past my ear, however i manage to contort myself to occupy just enought space to prevent being shoved over and the man takes my ticket and processes it. That done i had out and i have told trevor that the jeeps are better at 10Rs compared to the taxi at 150RS i can show him is he likes so we head out. ON the way i stop at the palce that Carol and i had lunch the other day to buy some samosas, i purchase 3 but he has not the change so i end up with 4! We head to the depot and wait for the jeep, trevor has deceide to brave the delights of the stall although i tell him i am not responsible for any nuclear fall out follwing street food!!! We meet another girl waiting for the jeeps and they are discussing Leh as Trevor has just about managed to get out of there follwing the cloud burst, it is apprently really bad and they are now runngin out of gas to cook and distill water and they have little food left.
On arrival back in McLoed i head home, only on the way i am stopped by the same guy who is still appaled at the state of disrepair of my trainers. I allow him to talk a look (i have heard that someitme they are very good at reviving old shoes!) anyway he quotes me 180 but we settle on 120. He lends me sandals but he is just outside green so i head in to warm up and have a caramel coffee (fast becomgin my favorite!) I sit at a table and evetually someome asks if they can sitt opposite, of course is the answer. Eventually i get chatting to Sebastian who is from HAmburg, he is here for a month too, although he is leaving soon with his new friend (who's name i could not pronounce so i said Andrew by mistake and he said that will do!) Anyway we get chatting i tell him about my retreat tomorrow and he said that is i keep meeting friends like this and i came to spend time on my own it is probalby a good thing. Other than that he suggets i stop being so friendly!!!! Eventually i finish my coffee and head out to my shoes, which with any luck may be a little more waterproof by now! He seems to have done a good job, and who can complain they looked terrible and for about 1pound50, you cant complain!
Anyhew i have now showered (water back on /.......) and am off for dinner shortly...the last supper. I am very excited as i think this is just what i need, proper time alone, and head restructuring, but only time will tell. In fact the lady i met the other day said some people who go on the course are deeply affected and one girl last week was seriously sobbing for over 2hours! i just hope they have enough tissues!

so peeps this is it, i am off the radar for a while, be good, stay cool, i may log on quickly tomorrow to see if i have any messages but this is my last post ...............................................................


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WHAT DID I TELL YOU.... STOP TRUSTING PEOPLE..... ENJoy your retrest BUT top trusting people.... life for me is same as same, DL is over for about 6 days.... tom not good..... dont worry..... just look ater yourself.... lots and lots of love mother xx

by motherxxxx

Hi laura, you'll still be there - presumably being mindful and quiet! Hope its been a good experience for you.
I'm off now to L.A. for the family wedding - not the least mindful and probably not 1 quiet moment to be had - but good fun!

Will be home rpound about same time as you, see you soon for coffee and catch up!

Safe journey home, Donna xx

by essayqueen

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