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Preaching to the perverted -oops sorry -converted!!

No i have not become a buddist.....just yet!

So after an epic 10days in silence (well most of the time) we wake up to our last day on campus so to speak. We head into the Gompa for the last meditation, and needless to say conenctration all round is at an all time low! I may have managed about 20mins of the 40 minute session, but, what to do? We had a talk from a buddhist nun Tenzin Palmo who spent 12 years in a retreat in a cave in the himalayas (she is english) who was very inspring and she spoke about how to quiet the mind, which is all good but byt the following day i had travel plans on my mind, and accomodation issues so for me the mind was far from quiet. after the meditation Richard spoke to us about how to integrate what we have learned into our lives and suggested about 10 mins morning and night to begin with. (which will be a blessing as we were up to 7 45min session a day by that point!) And after Richard Jimi came bnack and did the after course speech, much the same wrapped in a different colour, and then Gillian with the practicailites of checkout and some feedback. I was supriused to hear that some people had not enjoyed, but tsome had percivered and some had just irritated everyone else over the week. Most enjoyed and the feedback on the food was, like the food, full bodies and plentyful. Although i must say (and i am not sure if it food or water realted) but i have been doing a little purging and cleansing of my own since i ahve been away, i like to think of it as my own cleansing ritual! Actually i think it may have been the water which is filtered but not purifed and perhapd my little tum was not quite up to those hardcore standards yet!
After feedback i spoke to Gillian about the 2dogs we have up there (dont panic mum) as i had been massagin one of them over the last few days and i wondered if she would like to learn...which she did so i gave her a few pointers and also the black dog Jengsing has arthritis so i told haer about the green lipped mussel and glucosamine that PUmpkin has which helps. As it turns out Gillian is off to the UK next week so she can pick some up. so massaging over we head in for our last gastronomic lunch. I would at this stage like to point out that lunch is the main meal of the day, its usually great and really makes up for the fact that all you get for dinner is........my favorite.....soup! For lunch we had a variety of things and the dessert were these like chocolate dough balls, in fornt of which was a sign that said please take only one. Which i did. And then another one about 20mins after. And another one about 30mins after that!!!!!
I was hoping to get my room back in McLoed and as it was so cheap i had 2 companions that wanted to coem and find out. So Gwen (who is American living in Switzerlan) and Gioncarlo (australian) walked down and to my delight i still had a room. Sadly no room for them yet so we went on the hunt. We found another room for Gwen practically next door, for only 100Rs but the bed was a bit smaller than mine but she has a balcony so all good. With one of them housed we head up to the village were we get the passport piccies done for them and head off to queue to register for HH the Dlai LAma tomorrow. Anyway we meet up with others from the course and we all quese for an inordinate length of time whereupon of course, the office is shut!!!!!
We head back to the Green cafe for a drink and Gwen is still dying for a beer (i have not drunk since i left Delhi by now). After w hile we meet others and chat on then eventually its late enough for beer. Gioncarlo has by now had some food athough with chocolate balls each Gwen and i are still unsurpricingly stuffed. We find a really nice rooftop bar (i have pics but uploading takes longer than my flight home!) and chill out although i have consented to beer the Kingfishers is odd tasting and i manage one bottel but by the second i swap to calsberg. We sit and chat as all the lights come on and its really nice, i am almost not wantign to leave tomorrow!!! They guys order momo's (i am STILL stuffed) and muich later we have some garlic bread. By now it must be gone 11 and we have been in the bar since about 6 / 7 (not sure time is lost here) although we have eaten a bit and chatted we have only had a couple of beers each. Gioncarlo stil has no room, so we head back to mine to chill out for a bit. Although its only up the road Gwen cant be bothered to move, we are all pretty shattered so we all stay put. I share the bed with Gwen and the Gioncarlo gets the floor, he has a sleeeping bag aso its all good. We finally get to sleep about 1am and for goddness sake he is up and showered at 6!!!!! He heads out and Gwen and I sleep a while more than we have to get up to go and register. However when i wake up Gwen is sick - really sick. so i head out alonewith her stuff to register her.
The queue is quite which is nice and i chat to some more people that are from the course as we wait. Fortuately the chap lets me register both Gwen and I, so all sorted i head off to book my bus back to Delhi. As i am waiting Gioncarlo walks past so we arrnage to meet for breakfast - by now i am actually hungry!
So - its to green cafe (i think i muct have moved into that place but the staff are lovelly and the food is nice and safe!) after breakfast i head off its my last day so its shopping time - woo hoo!!!! So many lovelly things (actually so many i spend all my money and realise that i still need money for hotel and taxi in Delhi - oooops!) Havin shopped till i drop - actually i should point out that the weather here today is fab its clear blue sky (yes i have piccies) and really hot, shame i am going - i head home to check on Gwen. I meet the lanlord on the way and he asks if i need the upstairs room for my frind so i go off to find out. GionCarlo is taking my room after tonight, and fortunatel yes Gwen wants up stairs. (So it appears she has now spent 100Rs ona room she has not even slept in!!!!!) Sorted. When i ask him which room i am shocked to find out that it is CArols room............we only arrived bcak yesterday and I had left my backpack in her room which i only got back this morning!!!!!!!(dont say anything mum i know) The landlord said whe has not paid her rent for 1.5 months!!!! Realistically my back pack was soooooo heavy (and full of sh** that i cant imagine she would ahve bothered to take it!) but anyway.........very interesting! ANd the other girl that lives at the bottom just checked out much to the landlords disgust (as she gave no notice) so is all happeneing today!
We get sorted to move Gwen who, is constantly runnign from my room the the loo at this point into Carols old room ANd after she finally manages to be sick as well, she actually looks better, well a bit. I am meeting James later on for dinner and the guys are going to come as well so we are hoping that Gwen will be well enough to eat. Its been a very hectic 24 hours actually its wierd that we have been in meditative cilence for so long that i now have a headcahe just thinking about stuff! Anyway i ahve a tibetan massage booked in half an hour so i am very excited about that, ah just fell the relief!
Tomorrow i have the Dali Lama teachings all day then at 530 i am onmy bus back to Delhi, then hotel finding, and sleep (if i can althoguh i am quite excited to be coming home - wierdly!) then i must be in taxi at 430am monday for place leaves at 7! Rather epic journey homw and the usual 7 hours in an airport in moscow - deep joy. But i know i can get the internet on the mobile phone so i can collect any messages there ( if anyone puts any on here by then!!!!) I will text the usualy peeps when i land heatherow - but very tired long trip blah blah blah pls cont expect a call, bus journey home - very boring.

Hope you have all enjoyed feel free to comment either way......

peace out


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what did i tell you..... carol's really nice, we do some yoga...... so nice she leaves her room owing rent......when will you learn you are so lucky she did not take your backpack and sell the contents............ well dont know if you will get this or not, but just to say it is alexa's birthday party on sunday 29 so i have bought a present for you and oli, quice nice wooden toy thing a cube about 9 by 9 by 9 and each side does a different activity, abacus, etc..... she in one tho on 2 september..... other than that nothing much happening here, just same as same as same. well i hope you have learn something from this trip, even if it when you keep your mouth shut and when to/not to trust people.... you should not even trust the people you know.....cos as you well now people let you down.,,,,, andapart from all the teachings you have had the main one is to remember YOUR HAPPINESS LIES IN YOUR OWN HANDS AND NO ONE ELSE'S... love motherxxxxx hve a good trip back, dont talk to strangers, let me know when youhit uk..... love mother xxx

by motherxxxx

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