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shopping gems,shisha and hotel california......again..!


Another quiet day, not much going on it must be a calm day for the festival goes as i am nearly left alone i ask the guys but they agree it does seem calmer somehow..... life here is getting better (just tomorrow we leave!)
We agree to walk back to laksman Jhula, about 2k but up and over the bridge that we came in on, only this time without backpacks! We head off and its hot but the occasional shade make it bearable, only just. We stop en route for mint coolers and some pakora but after about an hour and a really scary ( for me ) toilet experience involving a very wet floor and the only item of clothing i should really have known better to go in there in and try and hang on to while balancing a good height above the seat, we conclude that the man has first gone to pick the veg before making and we can wait no longer so we move on. Its a cool little village the people are friendly and we chill out. having reached the top without too much damage we head back to find MAa Cozy coffee lounge where i am assured by my guidebook to find a good coffee and they have shisha pipe. We spent ages looking and eventually find the place only it is now something else but the man assures us we can fins shisha and is good coffee shop. Upstairs is deserted and there is aman asleep they wake him up and order us to sit, at this point i opt for a fanta, i am sure the coffee is good but not for me. They ask us what flavour shisha and we ask what they have after a few are said we choose apple, he head off only to return 5 mins later with the news that they have no apple! We choose another and are again let down in the end we ask what they have this time the list contains only two item so we end up with mint!!! IT is actually really nice and tastes like a murray mint. Weird i know. After this one we like to try the other flavour so the man brings it out and loads it up, Alan takes a puff and guess what - yeah this one is mint also, never mind it was good enough. We hang for a while and just chill out, its a cool place and in high season i am sure its packed but with only us.......... well its not so cool!
The guy in the hotel that sorted our room out is really sweet and this morning put all the pics from my phone on his PC so i can put them only my memory stick, in exchange i let him have some music, he was not entirely taken with 'the streets' so he now has Gomez, goldfrapp,Tracey Chapman and a few other chilled ones. He has shown me pictures of his home village and his beautiful wife. The place look amazing and the views are great, there is a tree up the mountain that has been there for over 400 years, it is a type of tree that only grows up the mountain at a certain height. As we are heading out this morning he has got hotel California playing and he asks Alan (who has his guitar with him ) to play it tonight......it is our final night here. At this point Alan has been saying he cannot play this one but finally gives and agree if only Chundun will sing. He said he does not know the words but Ras tells him to google it. Anyway as we return this evening, we enter the lobby, hotel California playing and Chundun has found the lyrics they are being printed......! So tonight after he finishes at 10pm we are having karaoke!!! (Hotel California.... i think i have been here before!)
Tonight we go out for the last supper....hopefully it will be yummy as usual and then tomorrow travelling one hour up to Dehra Dun, hang out for the day before onto the 14hour (well if it keeps to time) bus to Dharamsala. may not be around for a few days, or at least able to find such good internet cafes (yes Aunty Carol they have them over here too!!!!!!)
Hope everyone at home is well?????? Write soon peeps x x

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well laura you certainly seem to be seeing and doing lots and lots. nothing new here, just same as same as. tom's big day today, i have only just got in. it will take place now on 4 october 2010. so more worry. alexa getting bigger and bigger each day... her 1st birthday is on 2 september.... so dont forget.....it wont be a good idea to bring back anything for her unless it is clothing because india's toys/paint etc are well known to be substandard. well will close now.. corra on in a minute... take care.............. love mother x

by motherxxxx

"such a lovely place, such a lovely face"..kareoke in India, who would have thought it! Have now found messaging option so have sent you message..are you picking your comments tho?..got sense from your last post that perhaps not??..
Hope you enjoyed 'last supper' and good luck for 14 hrs bus to Dharamsala! yuk (mind you I'm off to Cornwall shortly, traffic so bad with damn tourists that may take me similiar!)...can't rember what you said before you went..is this where you been aiming for?
Have fun, look forward to hearing more, Donna -otherwise known as 'queen of essays..NO MORE!!!!xxx

by essayqueen

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