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bus journey from hell 28.08.2010
Preaching to the perverted -oops sorry -converted!! 27.08.2010
Yet another festival!!!! 16.08.2010
And i finally got to bed at 4am...!!! 14.08.2010
Boris returns - thought meditation was supposed to be good f 12.08.2010
A strange man and boris comes in! 10.08.2010
Steer clear of the rice......so much for a peacful time! 09.08.2010
ignorance is most definately blisss....... 08.08.2010
all this just for a coffee.......? 08.08.2010
shopping gems,shisha and hotel california......again..! 06.08.2010
2 become 3, temples, dog bothering and holy shit! 05.08.2010
bag hugging, 2become4, trekking and ear massage! 04.08.2010
sometimes i dont know where i am or going but this is a good 03.08.2010
Dehli delight, ricksahw debates and we leave tonight! 03.08.2010
Leaving soon 30.07.2010